China: Nine Electric Unveils Cutting-Edge 4G Cloud Box: Faster Connectivity and Enhanced Features

Nine Electric has officially launched its highly-anticipated 4G cloud box, marking a significant leap forward in electric vehicle (EV) technology. The new cloud box brings a slew of advanced features to the table, elevating the user experience and setting a new standard in the EV industry.

The upgraded cloud box transitions the entire series from a 2G network to a high-speed 4G network, accompanied by the added advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 support. The move is set to enhance real-time vehicle positioning, status feedback, and the detection of unauthorized vibrations. Users will be required to pay an annual usage fee of 66 yuan for access to these cutting-edge features.

Reports indicate that the 4G cloud box boasts faster networking speeds, a more stable signal, accelerated vehicle sensor unlocking responses, and increased computing power. This represents a substantial improvement over its predecessor, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for EV owners.

The official price for the Nine Electric 4G cloud box is set at 299 yuan. However, Nine Electric is offering an exclusive promotion for early adopters, available from January 2 to June 30. The promotional prices are as follows:
  • 4G Cloud Box + 1-Year Smart Service: 209 yuan
  • 4G Cloud Box + 3-Year Smart Service: 220 yuan
  • 4G Cloud Box + 5-Year Smart Service: 299 yuan
The bundled smart service includes a range of benefits, providing users with extended coverage and support for an enhanced ownership experience. This promotion is a strategic move by Nine Electric to encourage users to upgrade to the latest technology and enjoy the full array of features offered by the 4G cloud box.

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