China: Xpeng Motors Breaks Ground: XNGP Intelligent Assisted Driving System Expands to 191 Additional Cities, Totaling 243 Cities Nationwide

Xpeng Motors has announced the expansion of its urban intelligent driving capabilities, making its XNGP intelligent assisted driving system available in an additional 191 cities. This brings the total coverage to an impressive 243 cities, firmly establishing Xpeng as the industry leader in smart driving technology.

The extended coverage includes three municipalities, nine provincial capital cities, 150 prefecture-level cities, and 81 county-level cities. Notably, users of Xpeng G9, G6, and P7i models with the latest Xmart OS 4.5.0 upgrade can immediately access these intelligent driving features without the need for further over-the-air updates.

Xpeng's commitment to delivering a seamless driving experience is evident with the newly released Xpeng X9, which comes equipped with the latest XNGP functions and city coverage right from the moment the vehicle is delivered to users.

The covered cities span various regions, showcasing XNGP's adaptability to complex scenarios and cross-scenario traffic in core cities, while also prioritizing essential road sections in prefecture-level and county-level cities. Xpeng Motors has plans for special functions to enhance lower-level road coverage in the future.

The list of cities covered is extensive, including major metropolises such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, as well as numerous cities across provinces like Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Fujian, and many more.

Xpeng Motors emphasized its commitment to transparency and reliability, stating, "will not draw a big pie, do not do futures, and will not change concepts." This philosophy stands in contrast to common industry practices of promising future upgrades and delaying implementations.

Autonomous driving is a cornerstone of Xpeng's vision, and the company believes in delivering tangible results rather than relying on advertising hype. XNGP's success is attributed to its down-to-earth approach, completing a full-year city opening goal ahead of schedule in 2024.

XNGP achieves its functional performance in areas without high-precision maps through a combination of "navigation map + XNet perception ability + driving strategy." The system has undergone rigorous testing, including road verification with over 3 million measured kilometers, a cumulative simulated mileage of 145 million kilometers, and validation through more than 16,000 core simulation scenarios and 40,000 professional simulation scenarios.

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