EcoFlow Unveils Delta Pro Ultra: A Powerful and Scalable Solar Generator for Home and Beyond

In response to the escalating challenges posed by extreme weather and the increasing frequency of power outages in the United States, EcoFlow has launched its advanced Delta Pro Ultra, a scalable solar generator designed to provide seamless backup power for homes and various off-grid needs.

The Delta Pro Ultra is not just an emergency solution; it's a versatile energy powerhouse that can be configured with up to 16.8kW of total solar input. This intelligent system offsets daily energy costs, serves as a continuous power source for off-grid locations, and is portable enough for various applications.

The basic Delta Pro Ultra kit comprises two stackable units. The inverter box, capable of 7200W (10.8kW for up to 10 seconds) AC output, supports up to 5.6kW of solar input. Below the inverter is a 6kWh LFP battery pack, automatically heated to ensure performance in cold climates. Users can stack up to five batteries under a single inverter, connect up to three inverters to EcoFlow’s Smart Home Panel 2 subpanel, providing up to 90kWh of capacity, 16.8kW of solar input, and 21.6kW of AC output—enough to power essential household appliances, including central air conditioners.

For electric vehicle (EV) owners, the Delta Pro Ultra can provide a quick charge in emergencies and be charged from a Level 2 EV charging station in about two hours with a separate EcoFlow adapter.

EcoFlow claims that 90kWh of stored energy can keep essential items running for over 30 days during a blackout, though not the entire home. The system's Smart Home Panel 2 offers professional installation, allowing users to prioritize circuits for rapid automatic switchover during outages. It features a time-of-use mode to lower energy bills and a storm alert to ensure batteries are fully charged ahead of major weather events.

The Delta Pro Ultra can also connect to your home through an inlet box or transfer switch, allowing charging with a 7200W diesel generator or EcoFlow’s dual-fuel Smart Generator. However, it cannot feed energy back to the grid.

With a variety of outlets, including USB-Cs, USB-As, AC outlets, and an RV outlet, the Delta Pro Ultra is suitable for standalone use. It accepts both low-voltage and high-voltage solar input and can be configured with a 4G modem for remote monitoring.

The Delta Pro Ultra kit comes with a rolling base and an IP54 rating, making it dustproof and splashproof. EcoFlow emphasizes the system's reduced noise levels, thanks to the "X-Cooling" liquid-cooling system.

EcoFlow targets the US market with the Delta Pro Ultra, following previous launches in Europe. The kit, combined with the Smart Home Panel 2, replaces last year's a la carte whole-home backup bundles. The pricing starts at $5,799 for a single Delta Pro Ultra kit, with additional batteries and inverters costing $3,299 and $2,799, respectively. The Smart Home Panel 2 is priced at $1,899. While these whole-home backup solutions may not come cheap, they offer uninterrupted power and energy independence for those who can afford them.

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