Former Great Wall Wei CEO, Chen Siying, Takes the Helm as COO at Polestar Technology's "Xinzhijia" reports on a significant industry move as Chen Siying, the former CEO of Great Wall Wei Automobile, has officially joined Polestar Technology as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). The seasoned automotive executive, currently serving as Senior Vice President of Xingji Meizu Group and President of the Automotive Division, will be responsible for spearheading the marketing sector at Polestar.

Chen Siying, renowned for her dynamic leadership and extensive marketing experience, has a track record of building new brands from the ground up. Having recently served as CEO of Weipai New Energy and General Manager of Tank brand marketing under Great Wall Motors, she brings a wealth of industry knowledge to her new role.

According to Polestar Technology, Xingji Meizu Group sees Chen Siying's appointment as a strategic move to further empower Polestar and expedite the implementation of Xingji Meizu Group’s intelligent and forward-looking layout in the Polestar brand. The group aims to leverage her expertise to enhance Polestar's presence and performance in the Chinese market.

Chen Siying's mandate at Polestar includes leading the entire team with a more localized vision, facilitating a new organizational system upgrade, and focusing on user-centric strategies. Polestar aspires to build a new marketing system in 2024, aligning with its ambitious performance goal of becoming one of the top three global luxury electric vehicle brands in the Chinese market.

Having worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years, Chen Siying's career spans various leadership roles. From her tenure as Deputy General Manager of Lynk & Co Auto Sales Co., Ltd., to her recent role at Xingji Meizu Group, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive success in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

Chen Siying's move to Polestar Technology comes at a pivotal time for the company, and her extensive experience is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the brand. As the automotive industry embraces rapid technological advancements, Polestar aims to leverage Chen Siying's insights to position itself as a leading force in luxury electric vehicles.

Polestar Technology's announcement of its 2024 performance goal to secure a spot among the top three global luxury electric vehicle brands in the Chinese market signals its commitment to innovation and growth under Chen Siying's leadership.

As Xingji Meizu Group gears up to launch Meizu customized cars in 2024, incorporating Flyme Auto system and leveraging Meizu's expertise in software, design, and interiors, the industry eagerly anticipates the impact of Chen Siying's leadership on Polestar Technology's trajectory.

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