Gaohe Automobile Denies Work Suspension Amid Online Rumors

In a recent turn of events, Gaohe Automobile has fervently denied allegations circulating on the internet that all of its operations, including shipments and new project development, have been suspended. The rumors surfaced when screenshots of a forum post went viral, claiming a complete halt to Gaohe's activities, with the ominous threat of legal action looming.

The origin of the news is suspected to be a supplier, according to Jiemian News, who spoke to an insider from Gaohe Auto. The source debunked the claims, labeling them as "purely a rumor" and asserting that "everything is normal."

Despite these assurances, some peculiarities have caught the attention of industry observers. Notably, Gaohe Automobile has not released its delivery results as scheduled, a departure from the norm during a time when major car companies are promptly reporting their results. The last officially disclosed delivery figures date back to November of the previous year, where the HiPhi Y model saw a record-breaking 1,606 units delivered in October.

Adding to the air of uncertainty, in October of the same year, some Gaohe employees on workplace apps hinted at layoffs, with claims that 20% of the workforce was being let go, and certain departments were facing a 50% reduction in staff. Gaohe Automobile promptly responded, dismissing these rumors as false, asserting that "large-scale layoffs" were non-existent, and that various data ratios were nothing more than baseless information.

At the time, the company clarified that the ongoing adjustments in business structure, mergers, reorganizations, and the creation of new job functions were routine management tasks. They attributed the layoffs to the elimination of underperforming roles and regular personnel turnover. In a counter-narrative, Gaohe highlighted its commitment to growth by actively recruiting for numerous positions and emphasized the normal progression of all business activities.

While Gaohe's official Weibo account continues to update content as usual, the absence of recent delivery figures and the lingering questions regarding the alleged layoffs have created an atmosphere of uncertainty around the company's current status. As the automotive industry awaits official clarification from Gaohe Automobile, stakeholders and enthusiasts alike remain keenly attentive to the unfolding developments.

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