Honor Revolutionizes Human-Computer Interaction with MagicOS 8.0: Industry's First Intent Recognition Operating System

On January 10, Honor ushered in a new era of operating systems with the official release of MagicOS 8.0. The groundbreaking platform is not just an upgrade; it's the industry's first operating system designed to recognize human-computer interaction intentions, setting a new standard for intelligent terminal interactions.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor Terminal Co., unveiled the MagicOS 8.0, emphasizing the company's commitment to using artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine how users interact with their devices. From the launch of the Magic Live smart system in 2016 to the deployment of platform-level AI in Magic OS 7.0 in 2022, Honor has continuously embraced the AI wave, investing heavily in AI research and development. With accumulated AI R&D expenses reaching 10 billion and 2,100 AI patents, Honor is poised to lead China's mobile phone manufacturers in creating AI application services tailored to local culture and social forms.

MagicOS 8.0 introduces a paradigm shift in human-computer interaction with Intent-based UI (IUI). Unlike traditional methods that require users to navigate services based on needs, IUI brings a direct approach, utilizing intent recognition. The platform-level AI, serving as the new kernel, is responsible for managing personal factors such as knowledge base, location, habits, and portraits, leading to an OS experience that efficiently identifies user intentions.

The IUI of Magic OS 8.0 supports multi-modal interaction methods, including natural language, voice, pictures, gestures, and eye movements. It intelligently identifies user intentions, making decisions quickly, and proactively provides personalized services. Honor's "Any Door" feature supports over 100 mainstream Chinese applications, enabling one-step direct access and intelligent flow across applications and devices.

In a significant move, Honor also introduced the self-developed 7 billion parameter "Magic Big Model" on the Magic6 series. This large model, supporting the "new kernel" of the operating system, further enhances the personalized operating system experience, learning and adapting to users the more it's used.

To create a comprehensive ecosystem, Honor unveiled the "Hundred Models Ecological Plan," providing access to China's top 100 models. The company aims to collaborate with industry partners to build a new ecosystem of large model services, leveraging the power of China's AI to open a new chapter in the country's AI development.

MagicOS 8.0 aims to revolutionize the industry, bridging the gap between intent recognition and seamless user experience. With innovative features like the Magic Big Model, IUI, and the Hundred Models Ecological Plan, Honor is on track to transform the landscape of human-computer interaction and set new standards for intelligent terminals. The public beta plan for MagicOS 8.0 will cover 42 mobile phones and tablets, starting the first half of 2024, allowing users to experience the future of operating systems.

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