Honor Unveils Magic6 Series with Revolutionary Features and Hongyan Satellite Communication

Honor, a leading smartphone manufacturer, has officially launched its highly anticipated Honor Magic6 series tonight, setting a new standard for mobile technology. The flagship devices, Honor Magic6 and Honor Magic6 Pro, boast cutting-edge features, including the groundbreaking MagicOS 8.0 system, AI-driven intent recognition, and revolutionary Hongyan satellite communication. The series starts at an enticing price of 4,399 yuan, offering a compelling blend of innovation and affordability.

Design and Display: Aesthetics Meets Functionality

The Honor Magic6 series introduces a fresh design concept, featuring the distinctive "star wheel three-camera" arrangement for internal cameras and a sleek "cushion" design. Users can choose from five vibrant colors: Velvet Black, Qilian Snow, Sea Lake Green, Liuyun Purple, and Mailang Green. The Pro version, at 8.9mm thick and 229g, showcases a premium glass version weighing 229g and a plain leather version at 225g. The standard version, 8.1mm thick and 206g, offers a glass version weighing 206g and a plain leather version at 199g.

The Pro variant comes equipped with a stunning 6.8-inch 2800×1280 OLED suspended streamlined four-curved screen boasting a 120Hz refresh rate, a first in domestic screens with global low-power LTPO display technology. The Magic6 series supports Dolby Vision, offering a global peak brightness of 1,600 nits and a local peak brightness of 5,000 nits. With features such as the 360Hz overclocking synchronous display technology and Oasis eye protection technologies, the series guarantees an unparalleled visual experience.

Battery Life and Charging: Power Packed Performance

Powered by second-generation Qinghai Lake batteries and an energy efficiency enhancement chip E1, the Honor Magic6 series promises improved energy efficiency management. The Magic6 Pro, housing a 5600mAh battery, supports 80W fast charging, reaching full capacity in just 39 minutes. Additionally, it supports 66W wireless charging and features the innovative Honor Dujiangyan power management system. The standard Magic6, equipped with a 5450mAh battery, supports 66W fast charging, completing a full charge in 43 minutes. It also supports 50W wireless charging and the Dujiangyan power management system.

Satellite Communication and Connectivity: Industry-Leading Features

The Honor Magic6 Pro integrates the self-developed RF enhancement chip C1+, increasing transmission and reception revenue significantly. Notably, it supports Honor Hongyan communication, offering direct mobile phone connection to satellite services, including real-time voice and two-way text messages. This achievement positions the Magic6 Pro as an industry leader with the fastest satellite connection speed and a 40% increase in connection speed. Moreover, the satellite communication standby power consumption is reduced by 50%. The Magic6 series covers all mainstream 5G frequency bands globally and supports Google GMS.

Imaging and Photography: SLR-Level Experience

Featuring a SLR-level Honor Eagle Eye camera, the Magic6 series captures stunning visuals. The Pro version introduces a 180-megapixel periscope telephoto lens, supporting 2.5x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, a first in smartphones. With an array of high-quality cameras, including a 50MP super-dynamic Eagle Eye main camera and SMA memory metal motor for fast focusing, the Magic6 series redefines smartphone photography.

MagicOS 8.0 and Performance: Intelligent Interaction Redefined

The Honor Magic6 series runs on the new MagicOS 8.0, marking a breakthrough in human-computer interaction with AI-driven intent recognition. Features like Honor Any Door and smart capsule provide seamless global access across applications. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile processing platform, the Magic6 series has earned the Swiss SGS 60-month long-lasting smoothness Gold Label certification and the Swiss SGS Smartphone All-Scenario Smoothness Gold Label certification.

Pricing and Availability: Unmatched Value

The Honor Magic6 series is available for pre-sale starting at 21:08 tonight, with official sales beginning on January 18 at 10:08. The pricing details are as follows:

Honor Magic6:
  • 12+256GB priced at 4,399 yuan
  • 16+256GB priced at 4,699 yuan
  • 16+512GB priced at 4,999 yuan
Honor Magic6 Pro:
  • 12+256GB priced at 5,699 yuan
  • 16+512GB priced at 6,199 yuan
  • 16GB+1TB priced at 6,699 yuan

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