Huawei's Yu Chengdong Declares 2024 as Critical Year for Native Hongmeng Development

In a recent all-member letter, Huawei Managing Director, Terminal BG CEO, and Smart Car Solutions BU Chairman Yu Chengdong declared 2024 as a critical year for the development of native Hongmeng, urging accelerated promotion of various Hongmeng products. Emphasizing the importance of winning battles in technical base and third-party ecology, Chengdong highlighted the need to build a robust Hongmeng ecosystem to propel China's electronics industry into a new decade of significant development.

Last September, Huawei announced the readiness of the new HarmonyOS NEXT, with full-fledged Hongmeng native applications. In the months that followed, major domestic Internet manufacturers and leading companies, including iQiyi, Alipay, Meituan, MiHoYo, Bilibili, and AMAP, embraced Hongmeng native application development across diverse fields such as travel, social networking, gaming, office, and shopping.

The new Hongmeng ecosystem, backed by hundreds of leading partners, has already covered 18 fields, shaping a comprehensive landscape. According to reports, the developer preview version of HarmonyOS NEXT is set to be open to all developers in the first quarter of this year.

In his New Year's letter, Yu Chengdong reflected on Huawei's resilience in the face of sanctions, expressing gratitude to the dedicated terminal employees, supportive Huawei family members, colleagues in various departments, and collaborative partners. He acknowledged the tremendous consumer support, citing the success of the Pioneer Plan, which saw the Mate60 series, Mate X5, and other products achieving remarkable milestones.

Chengdong highlighted the significant strides made in various sectors, such as smart cars, whole-house intelligence, high-end headphones, and smart screens, achieving positive profit contributions and heightened user satisfaction.

Looking ahead, the letter outlined Huawei's commitment to the smart all-scenario strategy, focusing on personal intelligence, office intelligence, travel intelligence, and whole-home intelligence. Chengdong emphasized the importance of investing in R&D to make breakthroughs in root technology and build a unified AI base.

As the company navigates the challenges and changes in the business landscape, the letter stressed the need for a comprehensive strategic counterattack in 2024. This pivotal year will focus on accelerating the development of Hongmeng native applications, concentrating on technical base and third-party ecology battles.

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