Jabra Enhances Elite Active 8 and Elite 10 with Free Updates, Elevating ANC Experience

At CES 2024, Jabra has announced a notable update for its Elite Active 8 and Elite 10 earbuds, aiming to enhance the active noise cancellation (ANC) experience for users. The free updates, set to roll out in two stages, will bring substantial improvements to the earbuds' functionality and overall user satisfaction.

For those who own the Elite Active 8 or Elite 10, January brings an initial update featuring "easy-to-use" on/off controls for ANC, HearThrough, and SideTones. While details on the exact differences from the current toggle options remain unclear, the new controls will include voice prompt options, adding an element of user-friendly customization. Additionally, users will now have the option to rename their earbuds for a more personalized touch.

Come March, the updates take a more tailored approach based on the earbuds' distinct purposes. The Elite 10 earbuds will receive refined ANC algorithms designed to combat noisy environments, such as bustling restaurants, busy offices, and crowded streets. The focus will be on identifying and suppressing background voices, providing users with a more immersive audio experience in conversation-heavy scenarios.

On the other hand, the Elite Active 8 will take a different route, prioritizing the reduction of wind sounds when HearThrough is enabled. This improvement is particularly beneficial for users engaged in activities like jogging or biking, where awareness of the surrounding environment is crucial. By minimizing wind interference, Jabra aims to make calls and music enjoyment during outdoor activities a seamless experience.

The updates will be facilitated through the Jabra Sound+ app and will be offered free of charge to all existing Elite Active 8 and Elite 10 owners. The phased release is set to commence in January with the initial controls update, followed by the more specialized ANC algorithms in March.

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