L’Oréal Unveils AirLight Pro Hairdryer: Harnessing Infrared Light for Healthier, Hydrated Hair

L’Oréal has unveiled the AirLight Pro, a revolutionary hairdryer that combines powerful airflow with infrared light to deliver smoother, more hydrated hair without the damaging effects of excessive heat.

Conventionally, hairdryers utilize thermal coils to produce heat and air, potentially causing damage to hair with frequent use. L’Oréal's AirLight Pro takes inspiration from nature, employing a combination of infrared light and powerful airflow to mimic the drying process after rain. Guive Balooch, the global vice president of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, explained the innovative approach, drawing parallels with the sun and wind drying rain.

The hairdryer features a circle of infrared lights, with a smaller circle pushing out the air. This unique combination helps water droplets on the hair's surface to dry, while preserving moisture within the hair strands. Different wavelengths of infrared light, such as blue and purple, contribute to a hydrating effect, resulting in a claimed 30 percent faster drying time and a 31 percent reduction in energy usage.

L’Oréal collaborated with Zuvi, a startup founded by former DJI engineers, to develop the AirLight Pro. The partnership resulted in an advanced device featuring an app for customizable heat preferences and smart attachments, including a diffuser and a concentrator nozzle. The hairdryer automatically recognizes attachments, adjusting speed and temperature accordingly.

Targeting both professional and consumer use, the AirLight Pro will initially be available in salons under the L’Oréal Professionnel brand, with consumer availability expected later in the year. Guive Balooch anticipates a sub-$400 price point, making this innovative hair care technology accessible to a broad audience.

In addition to the AirLight Pro, Balooch provided updates on other CES-revealed products. The Colorsonic, an at-home hair-dying gadget showcased in 2022, is in production and set to launch in mid-2024. The Brow Magic makeup applicator from the previous year is scheduled for an Asia release under the Shu Uemura brand by the end of 2024. L’Oréal's commitment to bringing these CES concept gadgets to consumers highlights the company's dedication to transforming innovative ideas into tangible beauty solutions.

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