Netizens Urge Xiaomi Auto to Announce Price as Lei Jun Questions Competitors Within 500,000 Yuan Range

In a recent Weibo post, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi, raised questions about potential competitors for the upcoming Xiaomi SU7, further igniting anticipation among netizens. The post, made today, prompted a wave of responses from users urging Lei Jun to reveal the pricing details of Xiaomi's much-anticipated entry into the electric vehicle market.

Lei Jun's Weibo post read, "Xiaomi SU7, who will compete with you in the same category?" Netizens, responding to the query, expressed their curiosity about the potential rivals in the electric vehicle space. Many users emphasized the urgency of announcing the price of Xiaomi cars, eager to gauge the competitiveness of the company's offerings.

In a subsequent reply, Lei Jun addressed the price concerns directly, stating, "Within 500,000 yuan, are there any competitors?" This cryptic response from the Xiaomi CEO has added to the suspense surrounding the pricing strategy for Xiaomi's venture into the automotive sector.

During the Xiaomi car pre-launch conference on December 28, Lei Jun hinted that the pricing of Xiaomi cars would not fall within the lower brackets, stating that the average price of vehicles with comparable battery configurations exceeded 400,000 yuan. He emphasized that while the Xiaomi car might be "a bit expensive," it would be considered reasonably priced. The exact pricing details, however, may only be disclosed at the official release of the new car.

Earlier today, a spokesperson for Xiaomi issued a statement in response to a circulating image related to Xiaomi's automobile industry chain. The statement clarified that at least 50% of the content in the image was inaccurate. Xiaomi denounced the misleading nature of the information summary associated with the picture, labeling it as filled with loopholes and potentially confusing to the public and investors.

Lei Jun echoed the sentiment on Weibo, addressing the rumors surrounding Xiaomi cars, "There are a lot of rumors and blackmail about Xiaomi cars. We will clarify them in time. Please help forward them!" The statement indicates Xiaomi's commitment to providing accurate information amid a flurry of speculations and misinformation regarding its entry into the competitive electric vehicle market. As anticipation builds, netizens remain eager for further details, particularly the crucial announcement of Xiaomi's car pricing strategy.

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