Skyted's Silent Mask: A Breakthrough in Private Conversations Anywhere

Skyted, a tech startup, unveiled its groundbreaking Silent Mask at CES 2024. This innovative wearable, currently gaining overwhelming support on Kickstarter, promises to make public phone conversations truly private by significantly reducing ambient noise.

The Silent Mask is not your typical noise-canceling device. While many products focus on blocking external sounds, Skyted takes it a step further by allowing users to engage in conversations without the fear of being overheard. The Kickstarter campaign, launched today, has already surpassed its initial goal of $8,800, currently standing at an impressive $54,000.

For those skeptical about the legitimacy of Kickstarter projects, the Skyted prototype showcased at CES proved to be more than just a concept. Unlike traditional headsets, the mask is held to the face, and the absence of an elastic strap did not detract from the overall user experience. The mask felt robust and, most importantly, delivered on its promise of reducing sound by 25 decibels.

During a hands-on demonstration, a journalist noted, "The mask isn't made to completely eliminate noise, but it does an exceptional job of muffling conversations. I could talk about confidential information in public without worrying about anyone nearby overhearing."

The technology behind the Silent Mask draws inspiration from modern jet engines, utilizing resonators to redirect sound into controlled chambers. The strategically placed holes and 12mm chambers on either side of the mask ensure that conversations remain private even in bustling environments. The device features a built-in microphone and connects to phones or laptops via Bluetooth or a wired connection. Audio jacks provide both input and output, allowing users to hear themselves and the other party during calls.

The Silent Mask, currently available for an early bird price of $299 on Kickstarter, will retail for $399 after the initial period. Skyted envisions diverse applications for its product, including professionals taking confidential work calls during their commutes or individuals in regions where talking on the phone is restricted, such as some European trains.

Skyted CEO Stephane Hersen, a former VP at Airbus, expressed optimism about the broader applications of the Silent Mask, stating, "We believe our technology can extend to various fields, including education, where maintaining privacy during conversations is crucial."

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