Sony Unveils Dazzling Array of PS5 Slim Sideplate Colors at CES 2024

Sony has revealed a vibrant spectrum of new sideplate colors for its recently released PlayStation 5 "Slim" model at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. The company showcased three exciting options - blue, silver, and red - providing gamers with an opportunity to customize their console's appearance.

The sideplates, set to hit the market in the near future, will be available for purchase starting at $54.99. Unlike the default white color of the PS5 Slim, these sideplates offer a uniform matte finish, eliminating the glossy/matte split found on the standard model. This design choice not only enhances the aesthetics but also caters to those who prefer a consistent matte texture.

While Sony has opted for relatively safe color choices, the blue, silver, and red sideplates exhibited at CES garnered attention for their eye-catching appeal. The red option stands out as a bold and vibrant choice, distinguishing itself from the previously released cosmic red accessories for the original PS5. The silver variant, on the other hand, evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the original PlayStation's design. Sony has also hinted at the upcoming availability of black sideplates, catering to those with a preference for a classic and understated look.

Attendees at CES noted that the bright show floor lighting, combined with the optional vertical stand, created a striking visual effect, giving the PS5 Slim a unique and reflective appearance. While some concerns were raised about the black center section's susceptibility to dust, overall, the consensus among gamers is positive, praising Sony for providing more customization options for their gaming setups.

The PS5 Slim continues to be available with either a disc drive or as a digital-only version. Notably, the detachable design of the disc drive allows users to customize their console even after purchase, simplifying Sony's manufacturing process and potentially contributing to cost reductions. In a recent announcement, Sony revealed that PS5 sales have surpassed an impressive 50 million units, showcasing the enduring popularity of the next-gen gaming console.

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