Tesla Extends Lead in Norway Sales, EVs Take 82% Market Share

In a year marked by ongoing tensions between Tesla and Nordic labor unions, the electric vehicle (EV) giant has once again clinched the top spot in Norway's car sales for the third consecutive year, solidifying its dominance in the region. Despite facing resistance from unions, Tesla's market share surged to 20.0% in 2023, up from 12.2%, according to registration data released on Tuesday.

Norway, aiming to cease the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2025, witnessed a remarkable shift towards EVs, with electric vehicles accounting for an impressive 82.4% of new car sales in 2023, up from 79.3% in the previous year, as reported by the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV).

The conflict between Tesla and Nordic unions remains unresolved, with Swedish mechanics demanding collective bargaining rights. This standoff has led to a refusal by various workers, including dockworkers, truck drivers, postal employees, electricians, and cleaners, to service Tesla vehicles in Sweden. Despite this, Tesla's sales in Norway show no signs of being adversely affected, according to Christina Bu, the head of the Norwegian EV Association.

The most popular model of the year was once again the Tesla Model Y, a mid-size crossover SUV, outselling competitors like Volkswagen's electric ID.4 and the Skoda Enyaq. Bu expressed optimism, stating that the market share of electric cars could surge to 95% in 2024, a year before the parliament's 100% EV goal is set to be achieved.

Following Tesla, the biggest market share was claimed by Toyota with 12.4%, up from 8.0%, and Volkswagen with 10.8%, down from 11.6%. Moller Mobility Group, Norway's largest car retailer, predicts that EVs will command a 90% market share in 2024 but acknowledges that significant efforts are still required to attain the 2025 target.

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