Tesla’s Elon Musk Confirms Cybertruck is Lowest Priority for FSD Updates

In a recent announcement on X, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk addressed the anticipation surrounding the integration of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta updates for the highly anticipated Cybertruck. Contrary to expectations, Musk revealed that the electric pickup truck is the "lowest priority" for FSD updates due to the limited number of Cybertrucks currently on the road.

Tesla's FSD Beta program has been underway for over three years, showcasing substantial progress in autonomous driving capabilities. With over 500 million miles covered by FSD Beta users as of the Q3 2023 Update Letter, the company has been pushing the boundaries of self-driving technology.

Despite the Cybertruck's cutting-edge features, such as its steer-by-wire system and Hardware 4 computer, Musk explained that the prioritization is based on the relatively small number of Cybertrucks compared to other Tesla vehicles. According to Musk, there are "only a few hundred Cybertrucks in the field compared to ~5 million other Teslas."

While this decision might be disappointing for Cybertruck enthusiasts, Musk emphasized the unique challenges associated with adapting FSD Beta to the electric pickup. The Cybertruck's larger size necessitates fine-tuning of the autonomous driving system, requiring a significant amount of real-world data, training time, quality assurance testing, and other critical processes.

UGA professor and Tesla YouTube host @DrKnowItAll16 weighed in on the situation, emphasizing the complexities involved in fine-tuning FSD Beta for the Cybertruck. The limited availability of real-world data due to the small number of Cybertrucks on the road poses a challenge for Tesla in ensuring a seamless integration of the advanced driver-assist system.

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