Xiaomi Spokesperson Denies Misinformation in Online Image, Asserts 50% of Content Incorrect

In a recent statement, a spokesperson for Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant, refuted claims made in an online image circulating widely on social media, purporting to reveal details about Xiaomi's automobile industry chain. The spokesperson declared that upon thorough verification, it was determined that at least 50% of the content within the image was entirely inaccurate.

The picture in question, which was shared by an official Xiaomi spokesperson, attempted to summarize information about Xiaomi's automotive ventures, covering aspects such as batteries, in-vehicle electronics, chassis systems, body, body electronics, power system, interior and exterior decoration, among others. Strikingly, the "architecture" segment in the image was labeled as "Geely SEA Vast Architecture."

Expressing deep concern over the misinformation, the Xiaomi spokesperson emphasized that the inaccuracies in the image could mislead the public and investors. Xiaomi founder Lei Jun took to Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform, to share his thoughts on the matter, urging users to forward the clarification. He stated, "There are a lot of rumors and blackmail about Xiaomi cars. We will clarify them in time. Please help forward them!"

This incident follows previous inquiries into Xiaomi's collaboration with Inovance Technology on motor development. In December of the previous year, an investor on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's interactive platform questioned Inovance Technology about the progress of the motor jointly developed with Xiaomi Motors. Inovance Technology responded, stating, "Innovation Technology participated in Xiaomi Super Joint research and development of the V6s motor, while the V8s motor is self-developed by Xiaomi."

Lei Jun, during an introduction to the performance of Xiaomi Motors SU7, had previously mentioned the collaborative efforts with UMC and Inovance in the development of Xiaomi Super Motor V6 and V6s. He clarified that Xiaomi Super Motor V8s, on the other hand, was independently developed and produced by Xiaomi.

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