Apple Confirms Vision Pro Launch in China This Year, Hints at Global Expansion

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company's highly anticipated mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, will be available in mainland China later this year. Cook made the announcement during a visit to China, responding to a question at the China Development Forum.

This news comes alongside Cook's reaffirmation of Apple's commitment to increased research and development investment within China. The Vision Pro, unveiled at WWDC 2023 and launched in the US earlier this year, represents Apple's first foray into the mixed reality market, blending augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

While Apple had remained tight-lipped about international expansion plans, a recent report uncovered clues within the Vision Pro's operating system, VisionOS. MacRumors discovered code suggesting the addition of support for twelve new languages on the device's virtual keyboard – all accompanied by specific regional variations. These languages include Cantonese (Traditional), Simplified Chinese, various English dialects (Australian, Canadian, Japanese, Singaporean, and UK), French (Canadian and France), German, Japanese, and Korean.

The inclusion of regional variations alongside language support has led analysts to believe that China, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany may be the first batch of countries outside the US to receive the Vision Pro. Notably, the report does not indicate an upcoming launch in India.

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