Backbone Levels Up iPhone Gaming with Second-Gen Lightning Controller Grip

Mobile game enthusiasts rejoice! Backbone has finally released the second-generation of its Lightning controller grip for iPhones, bringing the same improvements previously enjoyed by USB-C users.

Building on the success of the original, the new Backbone One (2nd Gen) retains the familiar design that securely clamps onto your iPhone using a spring mechanism. However, this iteration introduces a game-changer: magnetic adapters.

One of the biggest frustrations with these phone-grip controllers has been the need to remove your phone case for use. Backbone tackles this head-on by including magnetic adapters that work with a wide range of popular iPhone cases. This not only eliminates the hassle of case removal but also enhances stability. While the original offered swappable rubber inserts, the magnetic adapters seem to provide a more universal and secure fit for various phone shapes and sizes.

The upgrades don't stop there. The second-gen controller boasts a more ergonomic design for improved comfort during extended gaming sessions. Gamers will also appreciate the redesigned D-pad, offering more precise control.

Thankfully, Backbone isn't making you choose between your favorite mobile titles and the new controller. The second-gen Lightning model maintains full compatibility with the existing software library. So, whether you enjoy PS Remote Play, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Genshin Impact, or anything else, your gaming experience seamlessly transitions to the new controller.

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