Ecovacs Unveils T30 PRO Sweeping and Mopping Robot with 11000Pa Suction Power

Ecovacs has recently launched the T30 PRO sweeping and mopping robot on This advanced cleaning device, available in both a water tank version and an upper and lower water version, boasts a powerful suction capacity of 11,000 Pa. The water tank version is priced at 3,999 yuan, while the upper and lower water version comes with a price tag of 4,599 yuan.

The T30 PRO sweeping and mopping robot is equipped with constant edge technology, which is claimed to have a sweeping and mopping coverage rate of 100%, and a mopping coverage rate of 99%. The rag-to-edge distance is less than 1 mm, ensuring a thorough clean. Additionally, it is equipped with dual-comb teeth anti-winding technology, which is claimed to have a cleaning efficiency of 99.4%.

This sweeping and mopping robot comes with a built-in voice assistant, supports 70-degree hot water washing and mopping, and can clear obstacles up to 20mm. It also boasts a battery life of 290 minutes, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The official statement claims that this sweeping robot supports Apple iPhone Smart Island, Apple Watch, and iOS desktop widget control. It also supports foot touch control, living up to its tagline, "kick it and it will be clean."

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