Galaxy S22 Users Left Out: Fancy New Galaxy AI Requires Upgrade or $305 Trade-In

Samsung's cutting-edge Galaxy AI features won't be gracing the Galaxy S22 series, much to the disappointment of its owners. And for once, the blame can't be placed on the Exynos 2200 chip.

The plot thickens with the arrival of the Galaxy S23 FE, the international version of which sports the same Exynos 2200 chip found in the international Galaxy S22 lineup. However, the S23 FE is slated to receive the Galaxy AI update through a firmware upgrade, leaving the Galaxy S22 series behind.

Why the S22 snub? Samsung explains it's due to Galaxy AI being new. Optimizing it for each phone requires significant resources, and for now, their focus is on bringing AI to newer high-end models, including the S23 FE.

So, what can a Galaxy S22 user yearning for these advanced features do?

There aren't many choices. Trading in your S22 for a newer model with Galaxy AI is the most direct route. Alternatively, you can explore substitutes like Google Lens instead of Samsung's Circle to Search feature, but that offers limited functionality.

For Galaxy S22 owners in regions with favorable trade-in programs, upgrading seems like the most realistic option.

In the US, for instance, you could trade your S22 for the Galaxy S23 FE, potentially paying an additional $305 to $429 on top of the trade-in value. This approach allows you to experience Galaxy AI after the update arrives for the S23 FE. Upgrading to a Galaxy S23 or even the latest S24 Ultra would follow a similar trade-in structure, with costs ranging from $305 to a $849 depending on the specific models involved.

It's crucial to check Samsung's local online store for the latest trade-in values, as they can fluctuate. Additionally, Samsung frequently runs "enhanced" trade-in promotions that could be beneficial.

It's intriguing that Samsung might start charging for specific Galaxy AI features next year. But in a way, Galaxy S22 users are already paying extra for AI simply because their phones, despite having the same chip as the S23 FE, won't receive the update.

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