Intel’s Lunar Lake Test Platform Revealed, Processor to Support Bluetooth 6.0

Igor Wallossek, editor-in-chief of German media igor'sLAB, recently shared a physical photo of Intel's Lunar Lake test platform. The processor, he revealed, will support the yet-to-be-announced Bluetooth 6.0 specification.

The Lunar Lake processor is set to be based on 4 Lion Cove performance cores and 4 Skymont energy efficiency cores, promising multiple improvements in Instructions Per Cycle (IPC). The computing chip will utilize TSMC's N3B process, designed to maintain excellent energy efficiency while catering to diverse computing needs.

In terms of GPU, Lunar Lake's core display will be based on the next-generation Ruixuan Battlemage architecture, housing up to 8 Xe2 cores and 64 Xe2 Execution Units (EUs). Early tests have shown "delightful" performance, with almost double the performance in certain internal tests. However, no specific benchmarks or verifiable third-party test results have been released yet.

Furthermore, the Lunar Lake processor I/O schematic diagram revealed by Igor indicates support for the Bluetooth 6.0 specification, a step up from the previous 5.4 version.

Microsoft has also played a part in the development of the processor chip, optimizing the interaction of software and hardware with Intel. This collaboration is expected to result in better CPU function implementation in the latest Microsoft operating system.

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