Maicong Launches Z75 Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard for Budget Enthusiasts

Chinese peripheral manufacturer Maicong has launched a new budget-friendly mechanical keyboard, the Z75, on The keyboard will go on sale for an initial price of 259 yuan (around $40 USD) starting at 8:00 PM on April 1st.

The Maicong Z75 features a Gasket structure, which is known for providing a softer typing experience by absorbing sound and vibrations. The keyboard is constructed with a "pure CNC aluminum upper cover" and utilizes a "5-layer filling silencer" and "3D double gold technology" for further noise reduction. The Z75 also boasts a 270-degree RGB light strip for visual customization and a long-lasting 8000 mAh battery.

For typists, the Maicong Z75 offers a 1ms response speed and comes with a choice of four different switches: custard switches, hyacinth switches, night fire switches, and flame orange switches. These switches cater to different preferences for typing feel and sound. Additionally, the keycaps support hot swapping, allowing users to easily replace them with customized keycaps for a personalized touch. The keyboard also appears to support the replacement of knobs with custom options.

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