Microsoft Unveils First AI PCs: Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 for Businesses

Microsoft is ushering in the "year of the AI PC" with the introduction of two new Surface devices, the Surface Pro 10 for Business and Surface Laptop 6 for Business. These devices, which Microsoft refers to as "the first Surface AI PCs built exclusively for business," are equipped with Intel's latest Core Ultra processors, Microsoft's new Copilot key, and a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to accelerate existing and upcoming AI-powered features in Windows 11.

The Surface Pro 10 for Business, which resembles the Intel version of the Surface Pro 9, is one of the first devices to ship with Intel's new Core Ultra processors. It offers a choice between Core Ultra 5 135U and Core Ultra 7 165U options, with a base spec of 8GB of memory that can be configured up to 64GB of RAM. The base spec, retailing at $1,199, also includes a 256GB Gen4 SSD. Microsoft promises up to 19 hours of battery life with these new Intel chips.

The 13-inch display on the Surface Pro 10 for Business has been improved with a new antireflective coating and 33 percent more brightness. Despite rumors of an OLED display, the Surface Pro 10 for Business will ship with an LCD display.

The Surface Laptop 6 for Business, which has been "redesigned from the inside out," features Intel's Core Ultra H-series chips, designed to deliver desktop-grade performance. Businesses can choose between the Core Ultra 5 135H and the Core Ultra 7 165H, with 8GB of RAM on the base $1,199 model, configurable up to 64GB, and storage starting at 256GB Gen4 SSD up to 1TB.

Microsoft claims that the Surface Laptop 6 for Business will be twice as fast as the Laptop 5, thanks to the Ultra H-series processors. It also features an optional smart card reader in select markets and Microsoft's new Copilot key for access to the AI-powered Copilot assistant in Windows 11.

Both devices are also Microsoft's "most easily serviceable Surface devices ever," according to Gaskill. Microsoft has placed QR codes on the internal components of both devices, and there are internal markings on the Surface Pro 10 for Business to make it easier to identify the screws and driver types for certain components.

While Microsoft isn't ready to discuss the many AI features it's adding to Windows later this year, these two new devices will be ready for them. Microsoft plans to hold a special Windows and Surface AI event on May 20th, where Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will share the company's "AI vision" for both software and hardware.

Until then, both the Surface Pro 10 for Business and Surface Laptop 6 for Business will start shipping on April 9th, priced from $1,199.

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