Samsung Debuts Air Purifier with Self-Regenerating Filter, Minimizing Waste

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a new addition to its premium "Bespoke Cube Air Infinite Line" air purifier series, boasting an innovative "Infinite Line Filter" that eliminates the need for frequent filter replacements.

Launched on March 25, the Infinite Line Filter integrates a washable germicidal dust collection filter designed for air purification and deodorization, alongside a photocatalytic deodorizing filter. This novel technology frees users from the ongoing cost and inconvenience of buying replacement filters.

The washable germicidal filter boasts an impressive 99.999% efficiency in eliminating indoor fine dust particles. Its powerful electric field also captures and eliminates 99% of bacteria, earning it the coveted ‘PA Certification’ from the Korea Ozone and UV Association. Notably, the dust collection component can be simply rinsed with water every two months for continued use.

As opposed to traditional activated carbon methods, the photocatalytic deodorizing filter utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light and a photocatalyst to effectively adsorb and decompose odor-causing substances. Through periodic UV regeneration, the deodorizing efficiency can be maintained at 80% of its original level.

The Bespoke Cube Air Infinite Line incorporates "4-Way Surround Air Purification" technology, drawing in polluted air from all four directions and dispersing purified air throughout the entire space. For the 100㎡ model, the “Pop-up Air Booster” feature can rapidly deliver clean air up to a distance of 11 meters.

Additionally, the “Customized Air Purification AI+” function compares and analyzes indoor and outdoor air quality. If poor air quality is predicted, the system proactively purifies the indoor air preemptively.

"The Bespoke Cube Air Infinite Line, equipped with a filter that doesn't require periodic replacements, is a product that reduces waste," stated Lee Moo-hyung, president of Samsung’s Digital Appliances Business.

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