Samsung Unveils CMM-B CXL Memory Box Module, Set to Mass-Produce HBM3E 12H Memory

Samsung Electronics recently showcased its new CMM-B CXL memory box module at the Memory Con 2024 storage technology conference. The tech giant also announced that new products, including 32Gb granular 128GB DDR5 memory modules, are set to go into mass production in the first half of the year.

The device, known as CMM-B (CXL Memory Module-Box, CXL storage module-box), can accommodate eight E3.S specification CMM-D CXL memory modules. This allows it to achieve a memory capacity of 2TB and provide a data bandwidth of 60GB/s with a latency of 596 nanoseconds. The CMM-B is suitable for various applications, including data analysis, in-memory databases, and AI.

In addition, Samsung has launched a rack-level hardware solution based on the CMM-B in collaboration with Supermicro. This solution can share a memory pool among three devices, providing greater memory capacity and bandwidth.

At the Memory Con 2024 conference, Samsung also demonstrated its 12-layer stacked HBM3E memory. The company stated that this product is planned to go into mass production in the first half of this year, which is earlier than previously reported.

According to a report by Chosun Ilbo, Samsung also announced at the conference that the mass production of 128GB DDR5 memory modules, based on 32Gb DRAM particles, will also commence in the first half of the year. Looking ahead, the company plans to apply buffer chips as control devices at the bottom of the HBM4 memory stack.

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