TP-LINK Launches BE5100 Wi-Fi 7 Ceiling AP: Offering High Speeds and Multiple Features at an Affordable Price

TP-LINK has recently unveiled its new BE5100, a dual-band Wi-Fi 7 wireless access point designed for ceiling mounting. The model, TL-7AP5100HC-PoE/DC Easy Exhibition Edition, boasts impressive features and is currently available at a discounted price of 539 yuan (approximately $79 USD) after a 10 yuan deposit and a final payment discount of 160 yuan.

This ceiling AP is equipped with a 2.5GbE network port and delivers wireless specifications of BE5100 (2.4GHz 688 Mbps + 5GHz 4323 Mbps). Wi-Fi 7 technology brings several advancements to the table:
  • 4K QAM: This modulation scheme offers a 20% increase in peak rate compared to 1024 QAM.
  • MLO Multi-Frequency Aggregation: Combines different frequency bands to significantly improve throughput and minimize latency.
  • MRU: Enhances spectrum utilization efficiency.
  • Preamble Puncture: Significantly improves anti-interference capability.
The BE5100 features a hidden network port design on the rear panel and supports both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 12V 1.5A DC power supply. Additionally, it is compatible with TP-LINK's Yizhan Mesh technology.

The panel provides two operation modes: FAT AP and FIT AP, catering to network construction needs of various sizes. It also supports multiple management methods:
  • FIT AP Mode: Enables unified management by a TP-LINK wireless controller (AC).
  • FAT AP Mode: Allows independent management via a web page.
  • TP-LINK Commercial Network Cloud Platform: Offers centralized management capabilities.
For installation flexibility, the AP panel has a diameter of 235mm and a height of 43.3mm, and it can be mounted on either ceilings or walls.

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