ALLDOCUBE OS 3.0 Unveiled: Transforming Android Tablets into Productivity Powerhouses

ALLDOCUBE has unveiled its latest operating system, ALLDOCUBE OS 3.0, designed to supercharge Android tablets and deliver a PC-like experience. This innovative system boasts a range of features that enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and redefine how users interact with their tablets.

A Familiar Desktop Experience

ALLDOCUBE OS 3.0 introduces a PC-level Windows desktop interface, complete with a taskbar and familiar functions like creating files, folders, and managing wallpapers. This intuitive layout makes navigating the tablet a breeze, especially for users accustomed to traditional desktops.

Enhanced Multitasking

The system empowers users to multitask like never before. The multi-screen function allows running multiple apps simultaneously and independently, perfect for juggling tasks and boosting productivity. Additionally, ALLDOCUBE OS 3.0 boasts "the industry's first, PC-level experience" with global application adaptive horizontal screen display, ensuring apps seamlessly adjust to landscape orientation.

Organization and Accessibility

Finding and managing applications is effortless with the built-in application drawer. The notification layout has also been redesigned, displaying app notifications conveniently in the lower right corner for easy access.

Magic Touch Keyboard for Seamless Control

The ALLDOCUBE experience extends beyond the software. The accompanying Magic Touch Keyboard boasts 14 new shortcut keys for functions like app split screen, full screen, and one-click screenshots. The touchpad replicates familiar mouse functionalities like single-finger clicking, two-finger swiping for browsing, and three-finger gestures for app switching. Additionally, key combinations provide quick access to various tablet operations.

Effortless Cross-Device Connectivity

ALLDOCUBE OS 3.0 shatters platform barriers. Through the WeChat input method, users can seamlessly connect mobile phones, computers, and tablets, enabling effortless cross-platform transfer of text, images, and files. The system's built-in file flash transfer function facilitates large file transfers within the device and even allows cross-device screencasting.

Intuitive Gesture Controls

ALLDOCUBE OS 3.0 incorporates a range of intuitive gesture controls for effortless navigation. Users can swipe up with one finger to switch between split-screen/small windows, swipe down with two fingers to open split screen, and utilize three-finger swipes for screenshots or pinching gestures to manage small windows and return to the desktop.

Dual App Power with Parallel Windows

The innovative parallel windows feature allows displaying two windows within the same application, maximizing screen real estate and further enhancing multitasking capabilities on Android tablets.

Upgraded Sidebar and Streamlined App Installation

The upgraded sidebar allows users to quickly access applications from any interface. Additionally, ALLDOCUBE OS 3.0 simplifies app installation by enabling direct installation of applications received through WeChat, QQ, and other software without needing to modify file suffixes.

Availability and Hardware Power

The Coolplay Pad Pro is the first tablet to be equipped with ALLDOCUBE OS 3.0, with more devices expected to follow suit in the future. The Cube Pad Pro boasts impressive hardware specifications, including a MediaTek G99 SoC, a stunning 12.1-inch 2560x1600 resolution IPS display with 500 nits brightness, and a versatile camera system. Connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 5, and 4G communication, while the long-lasting 10,000 mAh battery supports 33W wired charging for quick power top-ups.

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