Audio brand Shuiyueyu MOONDROP MIAD01, set to launch on April 25th

Audio brand Shuiyueyu MOONDROP has just announced its first-ever mobile phone, the MOONDROP MIAD01, set to launch on April 25th. This unique phone prioritizes exceptional audio quality by featuring both a 3.5mm and a 4.4mm headphone jack, a rarity in today's smartphone market.

Shuiyueyu boasts that the MIAD01 can double as a HiFi music player, perfect for audiophiles seeking pristine sound quality. While details about the phone's camera capabilities are still under wraps, it can handle basic tasks like taking photos and scanning codes. While graphically demanding games might be a challenge, the phone promises smooth performance for everyday use.

Visually, the MIAD01 appears sleek with a hyperboloid body design and a textured back for a comfortable grip. The dual rear camera system hints at decent photographic abilities, while the "01" marking beside the cameras signifies this as Shuiyueyu's inaugural phone.

Although 3C certification lists the phone supporting 5V 2A 10W charging, Shuiyueyu's R&D director hints at a higher charging wattage for the final product. The official Shuiyueyu Weibo account also teased the phone's bottom design, revealing the model name MOONDROP MIAD01.

With its focus on high-fidelity audio and a potential return to powerful headphone jacks, the Shuiyueyu MOONDROP MIAD01 is shaping up to be a game-changer for audiophile smartphone users. Stay tuned for more details on the phone's specs, pricing, and availability as we approach the April 25th launch date.

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