Google’s next foldable phone will be part of the upcoming Pixel 9 lineup

In a surprising turn of events, Google is reportedly planning to expand its flagship phone lineup with a fourth device, the Pixel 9 Pro Fold. This news comes as a significant departure from Google's traditional two-phone strategy, which has been in place since the launch of the first-generation Pixels in 2016.

According to insider information obtained by Android Authority, Google's next foldable phone will be part of the upcoming Pixel 9 lineup. The late 2024 Pixel devices are expected to include:
  • Pixel 9 – codename “tokay”
  • Pixel 9 Pro – codename “caiman”
  • Pixel 9 Pro XL – codename “komodo”
  • Pixel 9 Pro Fold – codename “comet”
These codenames have been confirmed by some of the software built for Google’s 2024 devices. Interestingly, the device codenamed "comet" was referred to as the "Pixel Fold 2" until recently in its development cycle. The current name, "Pixel 9 Pro Fold," may not be final, but it is the name Google is currently using.

The introduction of the Pixel 9 Pro Fold could mark a significant shift in Google's approach to its foldable devices. The first-generation Pixel Fold, launched in 2023, was treated more like a mid-year device rather than a proper flagship release. This was evident from its announcement at Google I/O, its late shipping date, and its outdated Tensor G2 processor. Moreover, it only offered three years of Android version updates, which was disappointing considering its hefty price tag of $1,799.

However, the Pixel 9 Pro Fold seems to be a different story. Leaked renders suggest that its design will align more closely with the other Pixel 9 devices. Furthermore, it will reportedly feature the new Tensor G4 chip, addressing one of the major criticisms of the original Pixel Fold.

This move could position Google as the only manufacturer to integrate its foldable devices into its main family of devices. Other brands, such as Samsung and Motorola, have separate lineups for their foldable smartphones. By making its foldable an option within the flagship Pixel lineup, Google could be signaling its commitment to the foldable market.

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